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There are many limitations to studying abroad in a foreign country with a different culture away from your parents.

For this reason, it is essential for prospective students to have information about their study abroad destinations, make thorough preparations, and have a courteous counselor in advance.

Our study abroad consultants had the same experiences when they were young and went to study abroad.

Now, we will listen to your desire to study abroad and carefully support you.

Before studying abroad, let's understand various limitations and overcome them together.

Study Abroad Support Service for Myanmar Students

We provide services for school application procedures, collection of required documents, preparation of reliable documents and direct application to schools, COE application procedures, and other necessary services. Before studying abroad, we provide preparatory training by professional trainers on the culture, manners, rules, and regulations of the study abroad destination, so that students can use it conveniently and successfully after studying abroad. Even after leaving Myanmar and going to the country where you will study further education, we provide living support, medical information, consultation for further education, and other necessary support.

Career Counselling Service for Myanmar Students Abroad

Optimal services such as discussions and recommendations for choosing professionals that match the interests and hobbies (=future dreams) of each student, creation of study plans for continuing study abroad, school selection, and application services.

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Support Service Between International Educational Institutes and Myanmar Students

For outstanding Myanmar students who want to realize their goals in international schools, colleges, and universities, we will connect and introduce the most appropriate school that matches their goals and passion. While studying abroad, we will always be there to discuss their situation and difficulties, and we will continue to provide necessary services.

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