About Us

Who We Are

Since 2007, we have provided necessary services such as study abroad application agency services to young people in Myanmar who wish to study in Japan.

In 2022, SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC, the company in charge of the Japanese side, and MYANWAVE Co., Ltd., the company in charge of the Myanmar side, jointly strengthened the study abroad services of Charmya Study.

Many of our group’s management team members are former international students in Japan.

They created the services of Charmya Study in order to build a better future for Myanmar’s next generation by making use of their rich overseas experience such as studying in Japan, finding employment, and starting a business.

With our abundant career planning experience and problem-solving skills, we will provide opportunities for young people in Myanmar who are highly motivated to learn to choose to study abroad and develop themselves.



Khaing Zar Zar Lwin


Ms Khaing Zar Zar Lwin who was appointed as AGM for Myanwave Comany with effect from February 13, 2023.She holds Bachelor’s Degree in English. MBA from Lincoln University, Malaysi and Diploma in Business Management etc..She is having an impeccable career record for more than two decades in the varied areas of Administration and Business Development and Operation Management . She takes care of the overall activities carried out by the Company. And also, she acts as a single point of communication between the Management and other stakeholders. Well-presented and highly personable, with a deep knowledge of corporate regulations and company rules. She has strong organizational and time management skills, in depth knowledge of functions both in business and in operational areas– across retail and corporate businesses –both in field and at macro levels.

Tomoya Shimmachi


In 2014, Tomoya Shinmachi relocated to Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. In 2015, he established MAKE SENSE ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd., where he engages in video production, actor training, media projects, and more. He has experience teaching Japanese language, vocal lessons, and acting guidance to over 200 Myanmar youths. Due to numerous consultations from Myanmar individuals regarding opportunities in Japan, he obtained the qualification of a certified labor consultant for foreign employment, which was newly established in 2022. He continues his activities by utilizing his specialized knowledge in laws, procedures, and labor-related matters concerning foreign talent. In 2023, he assumed the position of Principal at Charmya Study Japanese Language Center.