Well-experienced and reliable abroad study service for Myanmar


Since 2007, we have provided necessary services such as study abroad application agency services to young people in Myanmar who wish to study in Japan.

In 2022, SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC, the company in charge of the Japanese side, and SKY WALKER Co., Ltd., the company in charge of the Myanmar side, jointly strengthened the study abroad services of Charmya Study.

Many of our group’s management team members are former international students in Japan.

They created the services of Charmya Study in order to build a better future for Myanmar’s next generation by making use of their rich overseas experience such as studying in Japan, finding employment, and starting a business.

With our abundant career planning experience and problem-solving skills, we will provide opportunities for young people in Myanmar who are highly motivated to learn to choose to study abroad and develop themselves.


Study Abroad Support Service for Myanmar Students​

We provide services for school application procedures, collection of required documents, preparation of reliable documents and direct application to schools, COE application procedures, and other necessary services. Before studying abroad, we provide preparatory training by professional trainers on the culture, manners, rules, and regulations of the study abroad destination, so that students can use it conveniently and successfully after studying abroad. Even after leaving Myanmar and going to the country where you will study further education, we provide living support, medical information, consultation for further education, and other necessary support.

Educational Counseling Service for Myanmar Students

Optimal services such as discussions and recommendations for choosing professionals that match the interests and hobbies (=future dreams) of each student, creation of study plans for continuing study abroad, school selection, and application services.


Charmya Study JLLC offers comprehensive Japanese language courses in Yangon. Our experienced instructors provide interactive and practical learning experiences, focusing on individual needs and goals. Choose between online and offline classes for flexibility. We also offer guidance for studying in Japan, including university admissions and entrance exams. Enhance your career prospects with our job connections, internships, and cultural exchange programs. Join Charmya Study JLLC to master Japanese and explore exciting opportunities in Japan.

Chiba Star City Dormitory

Chiba Star City Dormitory offers safe and pleasant student accommodation with a focus on well-being and community. We provide affordable single and double rooms for male and female students. Our prime location provides easy access to stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. Rooms come furnished with beds, air conditioning, study tables, and storage space for comfort. Additional facilities include study areas, free Wi-Fi, laundry, microwaves, dining tables, and cooking equipment. Choose between single rooms for privacy or double rooms to build connections. Our goal is to provide a secure, convenient, and affordable living environment that promotes personal growth and academic success within a vibrant community.

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Our Partner

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